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    About the SELC

    The SouthEastern Lacrosse Conference (SELC) is a collegiate lacrosse club league based in the Southeastern United States. In 1988, the SELC was founded to provide for organized, regional college level lacrosse competition and to provide an outlet for high school players in the Southeast to play at the collegiate level. Since its inception, the SELC membership has expanded dramatically due to the explosive growth of high school and youth lacrosse in the Southeast.

    The SELC has provided consistent collegiate competition among the member teams, produced viable team/player recognition awards and stages a first-class championship event. Additionally, the league is seeing successful high school players from the typical lacrosse base of the eastern seaboard come south for educational opportunities which have improved the quality of play of these teams.

    SELC Teams in the Polls

    Week 10


    Division 1

    #1 - Georgia Tech

    #4 - Florida

    #5 - Georgia

    #12 - South Carolina

    #15 - Florida State

    #25 - Auburn


    Division 2

    #8 - Florida Gulf Coast

    #9 - Kennesaw St.

    #17 - Florida Atlantic